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plastic rgbw big bar counter set

plastic rgbw big bar counter set

16colors RGB led bar counter modern furniture design for club/event/wedding/party/night club


Main features:

* Prodcut size: 80*80*110cm(corner bar table) & 160*80*110cm(straight bar table)                                                        

* Multi-Color changing control by IR remote control                                                       

* Work with dual RGB plus white 5050 (4 in 1) led bulbs;                                                 

* Rechargeable li-battery;                                                                                     

* RF remote control function ;                                                                   

* PE eco-friendly plastical material;

* Growss weight: 27+35kgs/set

* Price with led bulbs, DC adapter, Li-battery, RF remote control;

* Ideal for hotel/party/event/wedding/coffee house/party/restaurant/DJ house/Night club/Home/Garden,etc




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Type: Wave design plastic bar counter
Product Size: 80x80x110cm & 160x80x110cm
Material: White PE, waterproof,durable,anti-scratch,anti-UV,cleanable
Work input voltage: Input: AC110-256V (DC5V/1A or DC5V/2A)
Lighting source: RGB plus white 4 in 1 leds (1.2W to 9.6W )
Power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery or DC adapter
Charge and work time:  Full charge: 5-6hours,Continuous work time: 8-12 hours 
Lighting Color: 16 colors changing or single color optional
IR control distance:  8-10meters
G.W:   27kgs & 35kgs  
Accessories: lighting source,IR remote control, Li-battery,DC adapter(UK/AU/US/EU type)
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